Mika Takeuchi solo exhibition ‘Sentimental Park’

竹内みか 個展「センチメンタルパーク」

木曜~日曜 12:00~18:00
月曜~水曜 休み
会場:WISH LESS gallery (東京都北区田端5-12-10

WISH LESS galleryでは、画家、竹内みかによる個展「センチメンタルパーク」を開催いたします。

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竹内みか/Mika Takeuchi

2016年 HBギャラリーファイルコンペvol.27 日下潤一賞 大賞
2020年 六甲ミーツ・アート芸術散歩2020オーディエンス大賞グランプリ


※ WISH LESSでは会場の都合により祝花・酒類・菓子などはご遠慮いただいております。差し入れに代えて、作品のご購入をお勧めしています。ご購入を通じてアーティストへの励ましやご支援くださいますようご理解お願いいたします。  

※ 12歳以下のお子さまをお連れの方は展示物への配慮をお願いします。

WISH LESS gallery is delighted to announce Japanese painter Mika Takeuchi’s solo exhibition ‘Sentimental Park’
The subject matter of the paintings are animal-shaped playground equipment  called ‘Melody Pets’, a product of the Showa era in Japan. They radiate a sense of loneliness and give a sweet and sentimental aftertaste, a flashback to childhood memories.
In recent years, the diversification of entertainment and the declining birth rate have led to the closure of old amusement parks across the country and melody pets have become a rarity.
The animals’ well-worn fur and charming expressions show not only cuteness, but also the sadness and madness of decadence, even giving the illusion that they are alive.
The Melody Pet miraculously survives in a modern society that continues to develop in favour of convenience and economy.
Created in the Showa era, they still walk slowly in the corner of an amusement park and ask questions about ‘consumer society’ and ‘affluence’.


Mika Takeuchi is a Japanese painter based in Kobe. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Junior College of Design.
After working as a graphic designer at an advertising agency, she began her creative activities in 2010.
Her expression is diverse, including paintings, installations and performances based on the motif of Melody Pets.

2016 HB Gallery File Competition vol 27, Kusaka Junichi Prize, Grand Prize.
2020 Rokko Meets Art 2020 Audience Grand Prize Grand Prix


竹内みか 個展「センチメンタルパーク」
会 期:2023年7月29日(土)~8月13日(日)
時 間:木曜~日曜 12:00~18:00
休 廊:月曜~水曜
会 場:WISH LESS gallery
住 所 : 〒114-0014 東京都北区田端5-12-10
電 話 : 03-5809-0696

Mika Takeuchi solo exhibition ‘Sentimental Park’
Period : Saturday 29th July – Sunday 13th August 2023
Opening hours : Thu – Sun 12:00-18:00
Closed : Mon-Wed
Address : WISH LESS gallery 5-12-10 Tabata Kita-ku Tokyo 114-0014
Tel : +81-3-5809-0696
Email : info@wish-less.com