Boris Détraz + Makiko Furuichi exhibition「Chambre Charbon」


Boris Détraz + Makiko Furuichi exhibition

Chambre Charbon

2014年7月5日(土) ~ 21日(月・祝)

木金 17:00 – 21:30/土日 12:00 – 19:00/月〜水 休 

オープニングレセプション:2014年7月5日(土) 19:00 – 21:00

※ 初日は18時より開廊/最終日18時終了


WISH LESS gallery では、フランス在住のペインター、ボリス・デトラズと古市牧子の2人展「Chambre Charbon」を開催いたします。対照的な2人のデッサンを組み合わせた二部作の数々を一堂に集めご紹介いたします。







Boris Détraz is from Rouen, a city in France famous for its medieval architecture. He studied art in Nantes, where he is currently based.

He believes drawings, especially the dirtiest ones that are obviously linked to pleasure, can stop the seemingly unstoppable storm that is waiting for us.Painting, comics and zines are the visual food he requires.Impurity is still the key word.

Makiko Furuichi studied art in Kanazawa art school and concluded her studies in Nantes, where she lives and works.

The techniques she learned in Japan evolved with the culture shock and the feeling of freedom she felt in France. In her watercolours, you can find a feeling of “niyari”, some kind of ambiguous smile that remains long after viewing them.

“Chambre Charbon” is the name of the aggressive duo recently formed by Makiko and Boris. Passionately focused on drawing, producing books and exhibitions. “Guilty pictures, made by innocent people”

Their motto is “The coal is made for soiling, the room is here to be soiled!”

At their self-titled exhibition “Chambre Charbon” You will see diptychs showing crime and love, small pictures. depressed devils. warriors with cats and lots of color.

Bye bye.


Makiko Furuichi
Chambre Charbon





[ 概要 ]
ボリス・デトラズ + 古市牧子 2人展「Chambre Charbon」
会 期:2014年7月5日(土) 〜 21日(月・祝)  最終日18時終了
時 間:木金 17:00 – 21:30/土日 12:00 – 19:00/月〜水 休
会 場:WISH LESS gallery
電 話 : 03-5809-0696


Boris Détraz + Makiko Furuichi exhibition “Chambre Charbon”
Period : Saturday July 5th – Monday July 21st  2014
※ We will close at 6pm on the last day.
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