Vinnie Nylon


イギリス出身のアーティスト。フリーハンドで描かれるストイックなラインを駆使し、ポップでノスタルジックな作品を多く発表。80年代初頭のイギリスで、グラフィティアートをいち早く始め、後に人気となるバンクシーなど多くのアーティストに影響を与えた。ビンテージグッズ収集家でもあり、50〜60年代の古い人形やおもちゃなどをモチーフに起用。また、多岐に渡るブランドや企業とのコラボレーションプロジェクトなどにも積極的に行っている。2012年、ロンドンのギャラリー High Roller Society にて個展を開催。


Vinnie Nylon has been writing graffiti since 1985, coming from a background of the peace movement, punk and skateboarding in which he had painted slogans and stencils even as a young boy in the early 80s prior to the so called era of Subway Art.

Much of the subject matter of Vinnie Nylon’s paintings is the product of a lifelong collecting obsession with post war products, badges, cartoons, toys and advertising media. Stories are acted out by a cast of vintage vinyl dolls and advertising mascots. Icons of consumer culture have been reinterpreted and given his personal twist, a roll call that includes Valvo, Soda pop, Lucky boy, Bright spark and My-T-Toof.

Previous clients and publication includes Thames and Hudson, Graphotism, Sony playstation, Foster’s ice beer, Granada Television, Garage magazine, Hip Hop connection, 50-50 skateboards, Anglia television, Penguin books, Reebok shoes, Environment agency, Dope clothing, Groovetech, Thursday club records, Wildcat body piercing, Walkabout foundation, Juice magazine (Germany) and Paul Oakenfold.




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