Gary Goodman


Gary Goodman/ゲーリー・グッドマン
独自の着眼点で、感じたままに描く。 芸術的な自己意識や礼儀にとらわれず、はっきりと直接的な表現を得意とする。 不作法で整っていない大胆なタッチと色使いにも関わらず、対象物のリアルな内面を繊細に表す。 過ぎ行く世界に「ハロー」と気軽に声を掛ける様に、日々制作を続けている。 イギリス人らしい皮肉の利いたペイントとポエムが好評。National Portrait Gallery, Shawn Vinson USA, Galleri Apothek Stokmarknes Norway, Atelier Klint Germany,など、イギリスはもちろん欧州やアメリカ、ニュージーランドなど世界各地で個展を行う。

Gary Goodman is a painter and poet. His imagery is resoundingly direct, unbothered by artistic self-consciousness and politeness; unrefined, unmannerly yet sensitive. He simply wishes to say ‘hello’ to the world as it passes him by.Gary has exhibited his paintings and prints and has performed his poetry around the world: from the frozen wastes of Norway and Alaska down to the warmth of New Zealand and the Southern States of USA.He works from his shed at the end of the garden in Sussex.


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