ここ15年における英国ストリートアートシーンで注目を集める存在。ダダイズムやクラシカルなポップアートを思わせるキャッチーなペイストアップ画で知られ、ロンドンの街中でよく見られる。直感で選んだノスタルジックなイメージをブレンド&リミックスさせて、大衆文化や消費社会の不条理を反映する曖昧さと不調和、ユーモアなどを主張。 これまでに数ある著名なアートブックに掲載され、ロンドン、シカゴ、ニューヨークをはじめとする多くのギャラリーで展示を開催。これまでにコムデギャルソン、Stussy、The Big Issue、Reebok、Ace Hotelなどとコラボレーションしており、絵の価値も上昇中。最近では、オークションや展示での価格が記録的に高騰している。 


A.CE is a London based artist. He has been a key figure in the UK street art scene for over 15 years. In that time his instantly recognisable wheat-pasted images have featured prominently across the urban landscape.
Drawing inspiration in part from Dada collage and classic pop art, to his time as a skateboarder and the bold graphics he encountered during this time, his work is a raw presentation of nostalgic imagery intuitively selected, blended and remixed with contemporary fragments, resulting in a new narrative with ambiguities and incongruities, humour and messages that reflect the absurdities of popular culture and a consumer driven society.
His art has been featured in a number of notable street art books and exhibited in galleries across the world, including London, Chicago and New York.
His work has been commissioned by Stussy, The Big Issue, Reebok and Ace Hotel, and with growing popularity the value of his work has continued to increase, with works reaching record prices at recent auctions and shows.
Artist website: www.acelondon.net/ace-london-gallery



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