US サンディアゴ在住のアーティスト、elevator teethの作品を展示しております!



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◆ elevator teeth patches

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elevator teeth/エレベーター・ティース

アーティスト名「elevator teeth」として作品を発表しています。自己や自我という概念に興味があり、現在その事について思考中です。「禅」に興味があり、作品制作においても影響を受けています。自分へのイメージや発する言葉からではなく、作品から人々とコミュニケーションを取りたいと考えています。というのも自分はとってもシャイで恥ずかしがり屋なのです!






Artist name: elevator teeth
location: San Diego, CA.
I was born in Florida, grew up in Arizona and currently live in San Diego, CA.

My real name is Justin, but for art related stuff I don’t mention my name. other people do and have and that’s totally cool. The concept of “self” and identity really interests me, or just having that discussion, of course i’ve read a lot of zen stuff that has had an influence on me and the work I create. I want to communicate with people through my work, not by my personal image or what comes out of my mouth. I’m also pretty shy and enjoy hiding.

I try to explore the unconscious mind with what I create. I enjoy the abstractions of dreams and want to communicate that sense of confused beauty.

In some way my art is like a brand, because I like to make little logos and characters that are like elements of some kind of pretend brand. I grew up obsessing over anime, video games, and indie comics. I loved Sanrio and used to force my mom to take me there when i was a kid.I’m sure all this influence is seen in my work.

At the heart of it I want to be as sincere an artist/person as possible.I worked in an art museum for many years and it humbled me greatly.To me, art is a very pure thing and creation is the most important thing we can give to the universe.

I have shown work in San Diego, Los Angeles, Texas, New York and Belgium and maybe a couple other places? Soon to be Japan and Korea, though! woo!! i am in an online art/friend collective called CCOOLL(