Musical Marks by Req + cre_is

musical marks

Musical Marks by Req + cre_is



★ 7月30日(土) 16:00〜EVENT開催 ★

DJ: Gotti/Shun/Rob Kidney



WISH LESS galleryでは、グラフィティアートに影響された2人のペインターによる作品展を開催いたします。


Marks moving musically’

‘Musically motivated marks







Req was born in London in 1966 and became an artist from a young age.
He moved with his family to Brighton in 1982.
In 1984 he began using spray paint influenced by New York graffiti.
A regular job of painting album covers as advertising on a local record shop encouraged the ability for realism in spray paint.

Norman Cook, also a Brighton resident, chose Req to tour with his band Beats International as on stage painter – inspired by The Clash who used Futura 2000 After this Req was comissioned by James Lavelle to paint various album and single covers for his label Mo’Wax after ‘Swifty’ had exposed Req’s talent with his Fosters Ice street art campaign.
At this point Req released some of his own music on the record labels Skint and Warp.

He now specialises in images of women, most notably his muse ‘HH’, using oil paint, spraypaint, ink, watercolour and airbush.

‘I use spraypaint, oil-paint e.t.c to celebrate the misunderstandings of my life and nature generally’

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ブライトン出身のノーマン・クックはThe Clash とFutura2000のコラボレーションに強い感銘を受け、彼のバンド「Beats International」のステージペインターとしてReqを起用する。




Australian creative Chris Radich a.k.a “cre_is”, has an arts background stemming from his involvement in the 80’s / 90’s graffiti scene in Perth, to exhibitions and tertiary studies in art and design while living in Melbourne (RMIT and The VCA).

A multi-disciplinarian – music being the main inspiration (teacher and muse) behind most of the things he does.

Since packing up his whole life and placing it into storage in mid 2015, Chris has been traveling somewhat extensively around the globe, with time spent most in Japan, and is now currently residing in Hong Kong.

His latest works are reflective of this current transitory / nomadic life; being smaller in scale than usual, on paper instead of canvas, and mediums used being a combination of watercolour, pencil and acrylic – everything that makes traveling with easier.

The concepts being a continuation in the mashups of his thoughts, experiences, humour, history and connections he’s found in relative cultures and works – like a result of his brain sponge being squeezed out into a visual narrative.

You can keep up to date with Chris’s thoughts and journeys by following ‘cre_is_rad_pics’ and seeing his “visual diary / journal” on Instagram.