Davide Lantermoz pop-up show “17 Tokyo Postcards”


17 Tokyo Postcards

Davide Lantermoz pop-up show
17 Tokyo Postcards

2015年9月2日(水) 〜 17日(木)
不定休/Irregular holiday ※営業日はTwitterFacebookをご覧ください。
会場:WISH LESS gallery (東京都北区田端5-12-10)


WISH LESS gallery では、イタリア在住のアーティスト、ダヴィデ・ランタモズによるポップアップショー「17 Tokyo Postcards」を開催いたします。ダヴィデによるこのアートプロジェクトは、彼が今年日本を訪れた後に始められました。







Davide Lantermoz/ダヴィデ・ランタモズ
2012年より、KaltBlut magazine, Dossier journal, Neo2, Wu magazine, Nou magazine, Vaga magazine, Pizza Digitale などの国際的な雑誌に作品が起用され、2014年には “Between (A)lebenga and (B)orghetto”という名のプロジェクトがヴェネツィア建築ビエンナーレにて評価される。同年、自身初の写真集がDe Bastiani Editore社より出版される。



17 Tokyo Postcards

After my last trip to Tokyo I began an art project titled “17 Tokyo Postcards”
I made the art work in response to the feeling Japanese society gives me: an incredible respect for “the formal”.
I stuck pieces of cropped Manga (and it’s conventional symbols) to Japanese blank post office postcards, after that I wanted to make it “free” switching it to informal images using my pictorial signs.

Davide Lantermoz, born in Valle d’Aosta, Italy. first approached fashion photography in 2009 with a taste for bizarre shots with a mix of irony and curiosity.
Forever studying on a personal quest that pushes his pictures more and more towards an independence of the portrayed subject’s image. Preferring surreal angles and colours which set them free from stereotypical references and give them a broad meaning.
From 2012 his work has been published in international magazines like KaltBlut magazine, Dossier journal, Neo2,Wu magazine, Nou magazine, Vaga magazine and Pizza Digitale. In 2014 Davide presented his project “Between (A)lebenga and (B)orghetto” at the Bienanale d’Architettura in Venice, in the same year he published his first photo book with the publisher De Bastiani Editore.
Together with photography Davide researches the expressive potentialities of pure image through painting and sculpture.
Artist website:lantermoz.com


There is a natural and substantial intolerance towards staying within prearranged schemes inside forms.
Actually there is a natural and essential inclination towards the quest for elements of reasonable unreality, which give us back the right to think of the “Other”
So I think of floating images full of pauses and transparencies, made of rapid and spontaneous actions.
With a childlike wonder I realise images that I didn’t know existed inside of me.



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ダヴィデ・ランタモズ個展「17 Tokyo Postcards」
会 期:2015年9月2日(水) 〜 17日(木)
時 間:不定休
会 場:WISH LESS gallery
住 所 : 〒114-0014  東京都北区田端5-12-10
電 話 : 03-5809-0696


Davide Lantermoz pop-up show “17 Tokyo Postcards”
Period : Wednesday September 2nd – Thursday September 17th  2015
Opening hours : Irregular holidays  ※TwitterFacebook
Address : WISH LESS gallery  5-12-10 Tabata Kita-ku Tokyo 114-0014
Tel : +81-3-5809-0696
Email : info@wish-less.com