ブライトン出身のノーマン・クックはThe Clash とFutura2000のコラボレーションに強い感銘を受け、彼のバンド「Beats International」のステージペインターとしてReqを起用する。


Req was born in London in 1966 and became an artist from a young age.
He moved with his family to Brighton in 1982.
In 1984 he began using spray paint influenced by New York graffiti.
A regular job of painting album covers as advertising on a local record shop encouraged the ability for realism in spray paint.
Norman Cook, also a Brighton resident, chose Req to tour with his band Beats International as on stage painter – inspired by The Clash who used Futura 2000 After this Req was comissioned by James Lavelle to paint various album and single covers for his label Mo’Wax after ‘Swifty’ had exposed Req’s talent with his Fosters Ice street art campaign.
At this point Req released some of his own music on the record labels Skint and Warp.
When he began painting fully again he decided to purge his work of any American graffiti elements to focus on a more mature impressionistic style – to make a new ‘fine art’ using spraypaint.
The new work focuses on the girl as a reflection of human bliss – beauty is the effect, perhaps as a reaction to the brashness of his graffiti past.



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